Chris Banke: Profile of a Dog Trainer

Christopher BankeThroughout the course of a truly stellar dog training career that is well into its fourth decade, Chris Banke has trained and coached a great many dogs to be the best they can be. He is also known as an activist and an advocate for his profession as a dog trainer, having worked with many other coaches, trainers and competitive handlers. In all, hundreds of dogs have gone on to compete successfully at all levels, thanks to the training acumen of Chris Banke.

That’s not all, however. In addition to his dog training activities, Many dogs from his breeding kennel have gone on to work in a great many professions, including the law enforcement and entertainment arenas. Quite simple, Chris Banke has the skills and the talent to train nearly any dog to do nearly anything. All dogs can be show dogs, of course, but every dog can be trained to behave better and to serve their dog parents within the context of their lives, whether they are competitive dog people or not.