How Christopher Banke Became a Dog Trainer

Christopher BankeChristopher Banke was an extremely young man when he realized his true calling, which was to train dogs to be the best they can be. He first exhibited an aptitude and a strong love of dog training when he was training his Doberman, Dana at the tender age of 15. That was when he founded the Algemeiner Schutzhund Club and was assisted by a far more experienced trainer, Margarete Iaquinto, who not only took him under her wing, but who also encouraged him to focus his keen training skills to German Shepherds. That turned out to be a fortuitous switch that made a profound difference in his career. Before long, Chris Banke was being considered among the finest dog trainers in the United States.

For the next 30 years, he maintained that distinction by working hard and training a lot of dogs. He also honed his skills when he opened his own dog training business, “Chris Banke Protection Dog Trainer” before he turned 20.That training facility, located in northern Vermont, is still going strong and is very busy. In that time, Christopher Banke has accomplished a lot as a dog trainer. For example, one year, he became the first American ever to successfully compete in the RSV2000 World Championship with his dog, Iriac vd Maineiche in the IPO 3- handler-owner trained (HOT) category.

Later, Christopher Banke’s dog “Dino von der Maineiche” (Dino) received a trial score of 297, which is the 2nd highest Schutzhund/IPO 3 score in the history of United States dog competition. With Dino, Chris reached another milestone when Dino was featured as a guard dog in the Oscar-nominated film, “Frozen River,” directed by Courtney Hunt. Some time ago, A while back, Christopher also founded his own breeding kennel, which was also successful, with many of those dogs entering competitions at the regional and national levels. Chris Banke has trained numerous dogs for a many different careers, including many in law enforcement and the entertainment industry.